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What's Trending - June 22

The weekend is upon us and of course if you're going to out on the boat tomorrow, Lake Monona, fireworks. Be careful the Dane Country Sheriff is going to be out and about, there’s going to be 4 boat patrols. So nothing stupid, we don't want any accidental drowning or anything dumb. You know, don't... Read More

What's Trending - June 21

A new Marquette law poll released ahead of the August primary suggested, for the first time since act 10 was signed into law, more people are in favor of returning to collective bargaining than keeping it as it is now. According to the poll also 52% of people say they think Wisconsin is headed in... Read More

What's Trending - June 20

I want to start with the Body issue from ESPN Magazine, people who are going to be on it this year. This is just a sampling of the list but; Breanna Stewart who plays for the WNBA Seattle Storms. Crystal Dunn from the US women's national team, she's going to be in the Body issue. And I found this... Read More

What's Trending - June 19

Let's start with the dad who decided to buy a billboard for his son after his school wouldn't recognize him as a valedictorian. Instead of naming Valedictorians this school in Windle, North Carolina, they got rid of it. They give all high achieving students Latin honors for a better way to... Read More

What's Trending - June 18

Okay this morning I want to get to a couple of things that are going on and maybe this impacts you because 1100 households in the Madison area participate with this. But Madison is going to be ending its compost program. So if you're part of the compost collection program it's not going to happen... Read More

What's Trending - June 15

So if you head to Olbrich Gardens this weekend or at least today because I don't think it's going to last through tomorrow. But the corpse flower, you've head of these things right? They blossom, they bloom, they’re huge, they’re beautiful and they stink! It smells like rotten eggs well the stench... Read More

What's Trending June 13

This is the most awkward present you could possibly get your dad, just in time for Father's day! Kraft Cheese if you giving you a chance to place a bid on EBay for a chance to win 1 of 5 sculptures made from a 40lb block of cheese that is designed to look like your dads head. It put a link of what... Read More

What's Trending - June 12

I want to start with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Now you know Pete from SNL and you know Ariana Grande. And you know Ariana was with Mac Miller for a while but they're engaged. Yes! Ariana Grande engaged to Pete Davidson, I thought it was a joke at first. I thought I was going back to my... Read More

What's Trending - June 11

Maybe you saw one of the most famous Packers of all time, and it the NFL actually, Brett Favre was here over the weekend. He was actually at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo. He was part of an event that the MAACC fund was raising money for. If you're not familiar with the MAACC fund, they do a... Read More

What's Trending - June 8

Walmart is hooking you up with some cheap wine. If you saw this story, maybe you haven’t but Walmart is entering the wine market. And according to their senior wine buyer, this person says that the wine that Walmart will get will source from California, France and Italy and will drink like $30-$40... Read More