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What's Trending - October 15

A lot going on sports wise in the sports world it’s all about the Brewers and the Packers tonight which will you be watching? Well the Brewers start earlier about 6:30 from Los Angeles game 3 of the National League Championship Series. It's making me a little nervous but you know what they had to... Read More

What's Trending - October 12

Let's get to what's trending on this Friday show. It feels good to say Friday! Hopefully you're headed out to a haunted house or you're doing something fun this weekend. Can you believe Kanye West meet with President Trump yesterday? I can't imagine exactly what it is that they discussed that was... Read More

What's Trending - October 11

Japan now has the world's most powerful passport. According to a report published this week that reveals how many borders travel documents can cross. Japan has the most powerful passport on the planet; you can enter 190 destinations around the world knocking off Singapore in second place. Germany,... Read More

What's Trending - October 10

We're talking about a very scary and good ending to a story here in Madison but a cat that was rescued from a dashboard of a car from a family that heard meowing coming from the hood. When they opened the hood this cat like showed up. It's a pretty good feel good story that I'm going to get on our... Read More

What's Trending - October 9

Let's start off with this big concert announcement in Milwaukee, the Fiserv Forum that's the new arena. The New Kids on the Block, Salt and Pepper, Tiffany, Debby Gibson, Naughty by Nature this is a pretty cool show, it's the mixtape tour. I saw it in Kansas City and it was pretty impressive so if... Read More

What's Trending - October 8

A very big weekend for Wisconsin Sports and It all really began with the Brewers let's talk a little bit about this. The Brewers advancing to the national league championships series they’re going to be taking on Atlanta or the Braves. That game will be at Miller Park on Friday night the Brewers 12... Read More

What's Trending - October 5

A lot to get to this morning obviously the Brewers played a pretty good game yesterday against the Rockies and now is your chance to capitalize if they win It looks like we'll be getting some free beer! So you know that Miller/Coors work together as one brewery? Well you know that the Brewers are... Read More

What's Trending - October 3

We're going to start off with this, this is crazy to me but the environmental protection agency says that apparently a little radiation is actually good for you. Now remember that this is the Trump administration but they are trying to weaken U.S radiation regulations. Apparently the proposal... Read More

What's Trending - October 2nd

You could probably use that $1000 to buy tickets to John Legend who will be headed to Milwaukee that was announced yesterday. He's headed to the River Side Theater December 12th for his Legendary Christmas tour. Holidays only a couple of months away! Tickets are going to sale by the way on Friday... Read More

What's Trending - October 1

Trending this morning, a big sports weekend. The Brewers getting it done over Detroit I mean they scored like 11 runs yesterday. Pretty incredible stuff. The Brewers tied the cubs for the division lead it's pretty incredible how this kind of all played out. So the Brewers are going to be on at noon... Read More