It's Hard Losing a Pet

Molly says goodbye to her dog Moose

April 16, 2019

If you own a pet, then I’m sure this will hit home for you a little bit. Our very own Molly Cruz and her family had to make the tough decision to let her dog Moose cross the rainbow bridge. They become a part of your family – especially when you have them for so long. Selfishly you want to keep them around, but it’s a tough decision to let them go.  She shared the post of her dog Moose on the MIX 105.1 Facebook page, not looking for sympathy, but as a reminder that our pets come in to our lives as a lesson of what loyalty and unconditional love is and that life is really short and we need to tell our loved ones we love them and spend time with them more than we do. Sending Molly and her family all the love!!