Video: My Reaction To Eating A "Bug Taco"...

August 12, 2019

Every so often, I enjoy a good challenge.  

Redeeming points and miles for maximum value?  That's a challenge I can accept.   Eating bug tacos at the State Fair?  Well, here goes nothing...


Okay...and the verdict is...

Good idea: Enjoying the State Fair.
Bad idea: Eating bug tacos

— Aaron Carreno (@OnAirAaron) August 12, 2019

Now THESE on the other hand, were AWESOME.  The one on the bottom is a 1st place winner of the "Sporkies", the Buffalo Curd Taco (with chicken as the base layer)...delicious!

Where else can I try some DELICIOUS tacos in the area?  Let me know:  Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @OnAirAaron