What's Trending - April 13

April 13, 2018

The farmers market opens tomorrow – I know you’re excited. The one thing Madisonians look forward to every spring. I don’t even mind all the people as long as I can get that delicious, cheesy, spicy bread I’m a happy camper

Hand dryers in public restrooms are normally quoted as environmentally friendly but a new study says its blowing feces partials on to your drying hands. This is according to newsweek.com. They say the flushing of the toilets can also allow the air dryers to pick this up. Does that not gross you out? And again, I like to take these studies with a grain of salt – there are germs everywhere – but something about the hand dryers gross me out.

The 4 major credit card companies are doing away with signatures on in store purchases. If you don’t have to sign anything, don’t be alarmed! Let’s be honest though, no one checks those signatures anyway.

TGIF have a good weekend.