What's Trending - April 16

April 16, 2018

Unfortunately this show is going to be cancelled at the Wisconsin State Fair this year: Huey Lewis and the News. He said over the weekend that he’s lost most of his hearing and can’t even hear music – so sad. He’s seen many different doctors and can’t quite find a solution so he’s going to rest up. But unfortunately means going to have to cancel his show at the State Fair. If you bought tickets already, you can contact State Fair Box Office for refunds. I was super excited for this show – but understand.

University of Cambridge study analyzed about 600,000 drinkers around the world and found that US recommendation for alcohol is too high. In fact it could be leading to shorter life expectancies and therefore should be lowered. The study showed that drinking alcohol at levels which were believed to be safe is actually linked with lower life expectancy and roughly 7 drinks in the US are about what you can drink a week according to this study. More than that will take away your life span. The study even suggested a few extra drinks a week could take 3 minutes off your life. Do you raise a glass to that? I don’t want to not take it seriously, but we live in Wisconsin. I’d like to see the difference between Wisconsin and other places.

And Scrabble has added words to the game. Some of the new words will include MACAROONS, SIRACHA, and EMOJI. They’re even adding FACEPALM and EW. Earn some extra points!