What's Trending - April 25

April 25, 2018

Maybe your relationship is already happy maybe not. A new study revealed something you might want to start doing to be a little happier. Doing chores together might make you happier in your relationship. When people split tasks 50/50, they found they argue less. So next time you want to discuss who dusts and who does the dishes split the chores 50/50 you’ll be off to a much happier relationship that way.

 You’ve heard of boxed wines. Personally, I’m a Black Box fan but there are a variety of others. If you buy Black Box you might want to consider this: they are coming out with boxed liquors like tequila, whiskey, and vodka. They might not be top shelf quality, but they are rolling them out. For tailgating season down on Regent Street – this is clutch!

Amazon is going to start delivering packages to your vehicle! They are trusting extremely selective Amazon prime members to try this out – rolling it out in 37 US cities starting this week but because of all the porch stealing they are going to deliver right to your car. You’re going to have to have a specific kind of car for this to take effect so hopefully no one steals form you glove compartment.