What's Trending - April 26

April 26, 2018

 The world’s longest flight – the Airbus 830 by Singapore Airlines is going to be responsible for carrying you from Singapore to NYC... 20 hours in the air!! Now, the conditions inside the cabin are a lot better due to technology, but it will be the world’s longest flight available by the end of next year. Currently the longest flight is from Perth, Australia to London and that’s about 18 hours or so. I get anxiety flying from Madison to Minneapolis!

Subway restaurants are closing their doors …. Well, sort of. About 500 stores are expected to be closing next year but Subway is also hoping to open as many as 1,000 stores overseas. Your local Subway might be closing, but a couple blocks down the road I’m sure there will be another one that’s open.

I’m excited for this one - Nickelodeon is reviving Double Dare. I loved that show! I was addicted growing up as a kid. You’ll still be able to compete for prizes – physical tests like the messy obstacle course and of course that disgusting Double Dare nose where you had to reach in and pull out the flag – remember that?

Camping prices by the way are going to increase for certain State Parks… keep that in mind!