What's Trending - August 13

August 13, 2018

I want to start off with this story that’s coming out of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ training camp. Apparently this fan dresses up in a uniform he’s wearing a number 43 jersey and this fan tries to get up onto the field. By the way it’s a number that hasn’t been used for then Steelers since Troy Polamalu retired which is one of their best athletes of all time. The Steelers fan dresses up to disguise himself as a player and managed to get onto the field at Steelers training camp. I just find this to be so funny, I feel like we hear these stories of people duping people to do stuff that is not of their caliber. So this story is trending this morning it’s kind of a fun little look this morning as we get started. The pet friendliest cites in the country have been released. Scottsdale, Arizona coming in at number 1 Orlando, Florida at number 2 San Diego at number 2 and if you go down the list we are somewhere there. We’re not in the top 10, we’re definitely not in the top 20 but I’ve got this for you on our Facebook page MIX 105.1 if you want to check it out there. We’re not too far behind! You just have to scroll down a little bit, that’s about it. It is the MIX this morning a beautiful day, high of 90 and great way to begin the week.