What's Trending - August 22

August 22, 2018

I want to begin with the changes to a very popular animal crackers. The Barnum's and Baileys crackers remember those? They're really good by the way, they were good when you dipped them in Nutella even though I know I did a Facebook comment the other day and nobody apparently listening to this show enjoys the hazelnut treat. But Barnum's Animal Crackers are going under a redesign. Instead of the animals being caged in a box car on the way to a circus the animals are now roaming free side by side in a grassy little land area so a little bit of an update. By the way, the cracker brand has been around for more than 115 years, nuts! You might want to make it to Milwaukee this is trending this morning. The messiest game show on the road Double Dare Live is going to be coming to Milwaukee. So if you're a big fan of all the Nickelodeon shows growing up this going to be for you. You're going to have a little slime some pie some boogers and it's even going to be hosted by the very own Mark Summers. Which I think is absolutely fantastic and amazing so Mark Summers is going to be coming to Milwaukee. If you want more information on this, if you want to be a contestant perhaps? We've got that information for you on our Facebook page just search MIX 105.1, we've got it all there for you. And finally, Yesterday US Senator Tammy Baldwin our very own and are very own Mark Pocan sent a letter to President Trump asking him to provide federal assistance for the flood recovery efforts. These efforts would support Dane County should Governor Scott Walker make a request for FEMA to conduct damage assessments. And I know so many of you maybe you yourself listening this morning having to go through this and I am so sorry. So unexpected, so tragic and so rare but none the less we will come together as a community so hopefully we can get that federal funding in place this morning. It's MIX 105.1