What's Trending - August 23

August 24, 2018

I want to get to this story because I was reading about this yesterday and it's pretty crazy. I don't know how on earth they were able to do this but police in Verona are looking for suspects who stole the "Welcome To Verona" Sign. The home town USA sign, a Facebook post was put up by the Verona Police Department. The sign was apparently taken last Monday, August 13th and it's going to be about $10,000 to replace the sign. I lived in Verona for a long time I loved the community, it is safe, it is fun, and everybody is a good neighbor. So hopefully we can come together and help out the Verona PD and get the sign back to where it needs to be. Crazy stuff, maybe we can do a GoFundMe and just get a replacement that's just steel and not able to be stolen. Also trending this morning, the Brewers schedule has been released for 2019 that is on our Facebook page MIX 105.1. Today you can sign up for Olive Gardens’ annual unlimited pasta pass. You have to do it by 1pm, the registration opens and it looks like they're only going to give away a thousand and you have to find the special Olive Garden pasta pass website. It's cost you at least $300 but you'll at least feel full when you go to Olive Garden. And last but not least this morning, Big Bang Theory is going to be ending in 2019 with its final season. Jim Parsons and the whole crew say on Twitter that they a forever grateful to their fans for their support of the Big Bang Theory during the past 12 seasons. Another show biting the dust! What show do you think should just go away? We're talking about this on our Facebook page just search MIX 105.1.