What's Trending - August 28

August 29, 2018

I want to start off with the flood water concern as we go through the day today. Severe storms rolling through this area and again this afternoon. According to NBC 15 some of these could be severe so we will watch these closely. We've been making it through so far, just some incredible images, and incredible stories but stay vigilant and if anything does change this morning or throughout the day we will keep you up to date right here. Leaders of Foxconn, the technology group said the company will invest 100 million dollars in engineering and innovation research at UW Madison. They made this announcement yesterday; the funding will help establish a new interdisciplinary research facility for the college of engineering on the UW Madison campus. The partnership will establish the Foxconn institute for research in science and technology. The main location will be on the Wiscon Valley science and technology park near Racine. Of course they are still planning on building that display screen factory in campus as well. We talked a little bit about the flooding today I want to shift gears, mom, dad or if you know anybody who has kids this is extremely important. Pfizer has announced a recall for children’s Advil due to a dosage mislabeling. The voluntary recall is specific to a 4 ounce bottle with an expiration date of November 2020. I do have the article that links to talk a little bit more about this and some of the different codes and what not that you should be looking for. It's on our Facebook page; all you have to do is search MIX 105.1. How would you like to work 9-5 with Dolly Parton, no pun intended? Dolly has a new Netflix series and she's looking for you, Madisonians to be an extra in her Netflix series. You'll only make 75 dollars but you could be an extra and it would be a fun story to tell to your friends and family.