What's Trending - August 29

August 29, 2018

I want to start with an updated on the flooding situation. Yesterday, parts of Wisconsin, central Wisconsin, east central Wisconsin getting pelted with storms, tornadoes, high winds and flooding. And that flooding has prompted Governor Scott Walker to issue a state of emergency for several counties Fond Du lac, Juno, Lacrosse, Monroe, Vernon and Washington county. It’s crazy, I was on the phone with my dad yesterday I was calling to let him know that hey this tornado is coming towards the town. He got off the phone with me and said he heard the strangest noises and the sky was dark. I’m glad to know everyone is okay and as far as the flooding concerns if you’re wondering what your neighborhood looks like. The city of Madison locally has issued a map that dictates and shows you where the major trouble spots are. So if you’re concerned about that I’ve got that resource for you on our Facebook page MIX 105.1 if you have not liked us already. While you’re on our Facebook page, if you feel like sharing pictures of your property maybe you had some trees blow down we’d love to share those as well.  This weekend it’s a throwback weekend and we’ll be playing all of your favorite music starting at noon on Friday with molly, don’t miss out on that. Also going on this weekend as well, Labor Day weekend, the Badgers are kicking off under the lights at Camp Randal on Friday night. I’m going to be asking you this question on our Facebook page too this morning but what is your favorite place to watch the game? Now you can say in your living room but really where do you watch the game? What’s your favorite Madison spot? I want to hear about it this morning.