What's Trending - December 13

December 14, 2018

The Affordable Care Act needs your help –enrollment is down. Of course there is a lack of advertising and funding but if you are looking for insurance, there are still a few more days to sign up for 2019 coverage. Pass that along – because you’re not seeing advertisements like you used to so some people don’t even know about it.

There is a scripted series based on the life, musical history, and family of Selena – the late singer who passed away at only 23 years old – is coming to Netflix in 2020. Looking forward to that!

If you are a Brewers fan – they’ve announced their promotional giveaway schedule for 2019! And yes, you can have Christian Yelich in your living room on the mantle above the fire place as a bobble head. Or you could just have the fanny pack which is what I’m looking forward to.

Chris Kroeze has made it to the Top 4 on The Voice! We’ll be watching as he makes his way, hopefully, to the very end! He needs your help – don’t forget to vote!