What's Trending - December 17

December 17, 2018

A lot of updates to some stories that we talked about last week. One in particular – the turkey that chased the kid in Ashwaubenon down the street. Smoke the Turkey has been safely relocated to a wild life area so he can live free with the other turkeys. But apparently, I didn’t know this, the turkey gained internet stardom earlier this year when there was a Facebook group created “Smoke the Turkey Mayor of Ashwaubenon” and users would post their interactions with this turkey.

A human heart was supposed to be going to be donated and was in a very critical cargo like shipment container on a Southwest flight but the flight had to turn around when the human heart was accidently left on board! People were wondering exactly what was going on when the plane turned back around. But the good news is the heart was unharmed and reached the destination on time.

How would you feel about giving up your smartphone for $100,000? How long would you have to give it up? Well, a year. Vitamin Water entering this challenge if you go to their website you can enter their Smartphone Free $100,000 Contest. You will have to take a lie detector test at the end to verify that you did not use your phone or tablet or any smart device. Would you do it?