What's Trending - December 18

December 18, 2018

There is a concert coming to Minneapolis that I think is cool because it was the power of the governor who decided to bring back Garth Brooks. If you haven’t seen him in concert, whether you are a country fan or not, he puts on an amazing show and if you have the chance to, go! He’s going to be performing a second night because the governor asked!

Speaking of governors, Governor Walker is in Washington for the White House Reception and there’s some speculation that he might be joining President Trumps administration.

The Packers-Bears rivalry has been one of the best, right? The Bears might have won and headed to playoffs but it looks like the Packers have taken the Red Kettle Challenge from Bears fans this year. Both teams volunteering to raise money for the Salvation Army. Looks like the Packers raised a little bit more than the Bears… either way, it goes to show that people can come together regardless of their football affiliations.

And the word of the year this year according to Merriam-Webster is JUSTICE. The word Justice was looked up 74% more than in 2017 so there you have it.