What's Trending - December 19

December 20, 2018

Some scary stuff in Green Bay - 14 people were rescued on ice in the Bay of Green Bay. Apparently, they had deployed a Brown County air boat to get the fisherman off the boat. The ice moved away from the shore so these people were trapped. The Sherriff’s office reported that the ice was shifting out from the shore and had a 50foot crack opening that quickly became a half mile wide. YIKES! Fisherman won’t be receiving any fines or tickets.

Speaking of safety concerns – Netflix has issued a scam alert yesterday. There’s a suspicious email that looks like it’s from the company. The email said that it would update your payment information, but Netflix says that they would never address you by their first name. Just always be careful when you’re reading your email.

Penny Marshall – Laverne from Laverne and Shirley passed away at 75 years old on Monday.