What's Trending - December 20

December 20, 2018

Madison is making a list of the best city in the state of Wisconsin to live in. This study basically compiled the best places to live in every state, done by Time.com, and Madison is the city to live in. Madison was also on the list as one of the best places to get fit in 2019 coming in in the top 25.

Six months of walking might reverse cognitive decline according to a new study. If you get moving, maybe walking or cycling 3x a week seems to improve thinking skills according to new research. Brain health just as important as improving heart health.

Looks like there might be some changes coming to Alliant Energy Center. The master plan committee has completed its work on what to do with the campus. It’s a beautiful area, we just need more there, don’t you agree? There’s so much potential. That’s what they are calling for, $90 billion in public investments. If they get this whole master plan together, it might and about 1, 400 jobs and keep those big ticket events in the area.