What's Trending - February 13

February 13, 2019

It’s still kind of a mess out there with the snow – so just be careful as you make your way in today.

Justin Bieber is leaning on his friends and family. He’s struggling with mental health issues and wants to get better. He’s seeking the help he needs, but I think this is a bigger topic. You think people like Justin Bieber being invincible with lots of wealth and assume they have happiness, but that’s not necessarily true. They still battle the same mental health issues that myself and maybe you or a friend have over time. If you feel like maybe this morning this are not alright, visit ImListening.org. There are a ton of resources available for you there.

The Chainsmokers are headed to the Alliant Energy Center this fall with 5 Seconds of Summer. Tickets are on sale Friday at 10a, but you can Beat the Box Office and win tickets with Megan the rest of this week around 4:50p

Chris Kroeze, the runner up on The Voice from Barron, WI, is releasing his first album on February 22nd. He’s going to be releasing some songs that are covers and some new music as well.

Hamilton is going to be spending a month at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee in October.