What's Trending - January 14

January 14, 2019

Keep listening week days for the code word for your chance to win $1,000. 72881 is the number to remember.

Jayme Closs, she’s been found. She was able to name her captor. The 13 year old was reunited with her family members last week. The world loves you Jayme, just remember that.

Costco is selling buckets of Mac & Cheese and buckets of Nutella. Not like supersize, like HUGE buckets. 180 servings worth of Mac & Cheese. That sounds amazing. The Nutella is available in big buckets, too. I’ve got to make a trip to Costco soon.   

Shopko announced they are going to be closing more stores than they anticipated. The Green Bay Chain operatizes 360 stores in 24 states.

A Sun Prairie man was mistaken as the relative of the new Packers coach. Jeremy LaFleur is a teacher in Sun Prairie and all of a sudden was asked to be interviewed. People thought they were related. Funny, but not funny. At least it’s a good laugh.