What's Trending - January 22

January 23, 2019

You can win $1,000 just by listening to the radio. 72881 is the number to remember. New code words happen at 7 past each hour between 7:07a and 6:07p.

Winter weather could be pretty bad and impact your ride home. Winter Weather Advisory and Storm Watches already in effect for most of the area.  State line will have a wintery mix... Yikes!

Oreo cookies have released the MOST Stuff. You’ve heard of Double stuff and Mega stuff, this is the MOST crème ever and I kind of want to buy some. They are limited edition and I am all for it.

The ice castles in Lake Geneva are opening up tomorrow after being delayed for several weeks due to warm weather. They went on sale yesterday. If you have the chance to go, do! They are made entirely from ice! And there are only a couple of them around the country.