What's Trending - January 23

January 23, 2019

The Mix Direct Deposit is your chance to win $1,000. Listen for that code word to text to 72881 12x a day. It happens at 7 past every hour between 7:07a and 6:07p.

We’re looking at some pretty serious closings due to the snow this morning. Please drive safe if you still have work or school. We’ll keep you informed all day long the weather and road conditions.

 Our attention has been turned to the Milwaukee Brewers. The naming rights for Miller Park are changing. American Family Insurance snagged up those naming rights and will change in 2020.

As far as the NFL everyone is talking about the Saints getting robbed in that Championship game. An attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of Saints season ticket holders to get the NFL to replay the NFC title game. There is an obscure rule that allows the commissioner to make this happen and Saints fans are going to try and make this happen. I don’t see this happen, but it’s in the NFL rule book and there is a chance it could.

Oscar Meyer is looking for a new person to drive the Weiner Mobile. It’s a one year position making stops all across the country. And if you have a bachelor’s in marketing, public relations, communications, or advertising then this might be the opportunity for you.