What's Trending - January 7

January 8, 2019

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Britney Spears was trending over the weekend. She posted an Instagram photo over the weekend saying her father is not doing well; therefore, she is cancelling her Vegas residency so she can be with her family. We’re wishing him the best. I’m sure Britney will be back out on stage soon.

Kevin Hart is reconsidering hosting the Academy Awards. Ellen DeGeneres was making a case for the Academy to rethink their decision and allow Kevin Hart to host.

If you’re looking for big news around Madison today, governor elect Tony Evers being put in to office today. And as for former Governor Walker isn’t going to rule out running again in four years, regardless of what capacity he runs again in office we’ll find out as time moves on.

Madison Business that leave their doors and windows open for too long while the air conditioner is running could be fined under an ordinance to be announced this week to help locally combat climate change.