What's Trending - January 8

January 8, 2019

The Mix Direct Deposit continues. You could win $1,000, 12x a day. The number to text is 72881. Save it in your phone. Listen at 7 past every hour for that code word for your chance to win.

The celebration of Wisconsin started off with the incoming Governor Tony Evers from my hometown of Plymouth, WI. He is the 46th Governor of the state of Wisconsin. And our very own Chris Kroeze, who made it to the Finals on The Voice, began the swearing in by singing the National Anthem which is pretty cool. If you want to see more of Chris Kroeze, he’ll be playing at some country music festivals in Wisconsin this summer which is pretty awesome.

The news continued throughout the day yesterday as we found out kind of unexpectedly that the Packers hired a new coach: Matt LaFleur. He was the offensive coordinator from the Tennessee Titans. He will be the Packers new head coach.

A popular store on the west side is closing its doors. It’s not going out of business in total, but Fontana Sports are closing their far west location after 25 years in Madison. The downtown location will remain open.

MasterCard is going to be dropping its name from their logo. We all know the future of payments is going digital, so a subtle change, but something to take note of.