What's Trending - July 17

July 18, 2018

Amazon Prime deals continue, you'll be able to check out deals on phones, accessories you name it. Including beauty products as well the Amazon Prime day continues throughout the night tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow. It's the Major League baseball All-star game tonight, they're five Brewers players including Jeffress who made the cut. You can check that out tonight just after 7 o'clock, live from DC on Fox 47. Madison Alderman, Maurice Cheeks is running for mayor in 2019 to address growing inequality in the city. He goes by the nickname "Mo" you probably know that when he was elected to the council in 2013. He represents district 10 one of Madison's most diverse areas so another person in running for mayor next year. What else is trending today? We have tickets to 21 Pilots, you can beat the box office right now by going to mix1051fm.com.