What's Trending - July 2

July 2, 2018

Did you know that 80% of the eastern United States monarch butterfly population has been deteriorating? And the DNR here is Wisconsin wants to do something about it. So basically they're encouraging a grass roots effort. To do a little planting, maybe but some milk weed in your backyard to keep the monarchs around. The last 20 years theirs been a decrease and the habitat is crucial to 2,000 mile migration so these resources are rapidly disappearing. So if you want more butterflies in your yard maybe you can plant some milk weed and keep this ongoing effort all across the state. That is trending this morning. And the Madison Public Market, the plan to build that and revise it is now take effect, they're thinking about maybe adding a hotel with this city owned public market and even adding some residential space. We're talking about this on our Facebook page MIX 105.1. In case you missed it the CrossFit games are here to stay. Madison is going to continue to host the event through 2021 they raised over $10 million alone at this event last year. August 1st - 5th you can see some of the fittest athletes around the world right here in our community.