What's Trending - July 9

July 9, 2018

Trending this morning, there is an update to the cave rescue that we talked about earlier in the show but a 5th boy has been brought out of the Thai cave on the second day of rescue. Crazy, this is the group of 12 and their soccer coach who were trapped for more than 2 weeks. Scary stuff but a good way to start the morning knowing that more of these kids are being rescued and a very scary story if you've been following along. The Red Cross has issued an emergency blood shortage for illegible donors of all blood types. Apparently over the 4th of July holiday donations fell short and fewer blood drives were organized. So if you can give blood make sure to do that with the American Red Cross here in southern Wisconsin and definitely help other people out. Starbucks is going to be ditching single use straws and plastic straws by 2020. It would eliminate the straws from all of their cafes globally; the company will offer recyclable straw less lids and alternative material straws like paper or compostable plastic. And then Starbucks said that its customers, obviously in the Seattle and Vancouver area will be the first to see some of these changes as we get through the rest of the fall. That is what's trending this morning.