What's Trending - June 11

June 11, 2018

Maybe you saw one of the most famous Packers of all time, and it the NFL actually, Brett Favre was here over the weekend. He was actually at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo. He was part of an event that the MAACC fund was raising money for. If you're not familiar with the MAACC fund, they do a lot in Milwaukee especially but it's the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Organization. Since 1990 the Trek event has contributed $14 million to the MAACC fund so Brett Favre was around, he was taking pictures and biking, that guy looks ripped I swear that guy could go in and back up for Aaron Rogers any day. You have to see some of the pictures from over the weekend. Did you run into him? If you did feel free to send us some of your pictures or tweet them to us or send them to our Facebook page MIX 105.1. I'd love to post them and show everybody too. Goodman pool opened over the weekend, maybe you’re at a Mallards game this weekend lots of fun as always. The Old Fashion making headlines after smoke was pillowing out of the building on Friday afternoon. Well it turns out there was a fire on the hood grill. Nobody was hurt; the restaurant according to their Facebook page will open back up tomorrow. So glad nothing bad happened because we love a good lunch or dinner at the Old Fashion. And if you bought vegetables from area Kwik Trips over the weekend you might want to reconsider the vegetable tray because if you got one from Del Monte, the vegetable tray with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and dill dip is being recalled due to an infection from a parasite. You just don't want to eat it; it makes you feel like junk. We put more information about this recall on our Facebook page MIX 105.1. Eunice Gayson, the first James Bond girl in the James Bond movie passed away over the weekend. She was 90 years old; she was the first Bond girl who played Sylvia Trench in Dr. No and From Russia with Love. So if you're a Bond fanatic maybe you saw that over the weekend. 90 years old, that crazy! MIX 105.1, that's what's trending.