What's Trending - June 18

June 18, 2018

Okay this morning I want to get to a couple of things that are going on and maybe this impacts you because 1100 households in the Madison area participate with this. But Madison is going to be ending its compost program. So if you're part of the compost collection program it's not going to happen anymore because everyone was putting in non-compostable items in their carts. And the city can't afford its own bio digester so they're kind of re-exploring some other ideas. The Mayor hopes the city can find a way to work with larger producers before integrating the process into MMSD, the sewage district. So unfortunate but hopefully things come back around. The Brewers couldn't quite get it done over the weekend after a late rally yesterday. They feel to the Phillies, the Brewers still on top of their division but that win yesterday would have been great. The team seems to be struggling for some reason at Miller Park, I don't understand. If you're a Brewers fan or a Milwaukee fan you know that Summerfest is coming up fast. More of those Summerfest tickets by the way coming up tomorrow morning. All this week I’m going to get you into Summerfest right around 6:45, so don't miss out on that. Finally if you work in a city owned building or you walk around city owned buildings, which is easy to do which also includes parking garages. The city of Madison introduced a ban of smoking around all city owned buildings within 25 feet. And that would include windows that can be opened and all air intakes for city owned buildings as well. Currently the law requires that Municipal buildings have at least one smoke free entrance and allows one entrance to be a smoking designated area. Smoke free Dane County, not too far behind! And The Incredibles, were incredible this weekend, the estimated box office debut over the weekend was 180 million dollars! Soared passed the record for biggest animated film in box office history by $45 million! Which of course one of our favorite movies, Finding Dory.