What's Trending - June 25

June 25, 2018

What was your first car because this car is making a comeback? And yes it's made by Chevrolet, can you guess it? Their bringing back the Chevy Blazer, it's going to be a cross over, 5 passengers. The brand now has 6 SUVs that will range in sizes from the tracks to the full size suburbans so there you go. I tried to buy a Chevy Blazer but I ended up with a pink Honda Civic. Maybe it was magenta; you know what I'm going to go with magenta because that's more accurate. It was a magenta Honda Civic, it was my first car, true story. What was yours? We're talking about this on Facebook this morning MIX 105.1. New Zealand’s Prime Minister gave birth last week to a baby girl and she is only the second elected head of government to give birth while in office, I thought that was pretty interesting. I had no idea. I thought everyone has had kids while in office right? I didn't know this was a thing. That's Trending this morning with MIX 105.1. There are a ton of artists who are going to be on late night TV tonight on NBC-15 DVR alert. Let's start with Jimmy Fallon, he has Armie Hammer from Call Me By Your Name, Meghan Trainor and Bebe Rexha. Two of our biggest artists are going to be on tonight that we play here on the mix so DVR that. And later tonight a band that I really love that you should definitely check out, they’re Years & Years. They’re going to be on tonight with Seth Meyers so definitely worth watching that.