What's Trending - June 28

June 29, 2018

A new kind of french fry! This is exciting and it's really sweet too!  It started with Taco Bell, now it's Dunkin’ Donuts. They've got their Dunkin' Donut fries they're going to be cinnamon and they even have croissant style breading so they’re not quite like a donut. But they're going to be able across all their stores and I think you should dip them into vanilla icing. Mmmh doesn't that sound good? Did you hear Planters is bringing back those cheese balls in those tin cans? I used to eat those growing all the time! They’re going to be back on shelves all across Madison in July. Trending this morning, Puerto Rico is looking to introduce a bill that seek to make the US territory a state by 2021. Hopefully that would provide them with more funding and all the other benefits that come with being part of the Union. Now we do know after that hurricane they weren't quite getting everything they were promised so you never know. Hopefully it will happen. Blue green algae and bacteria in Madison's lakes and beaches is becoming a problem. This list has now been expanded so if you're planning to out lake Waubesa if you're planning on you know doing anything fun outdoors, don't get into the water. And check if where you're going is on this list. I've got it on our Facebook page you can read about it this morning. Search MIX 105.1. Joe Jackson, the Jackson family patriarch passed away yesterday in a Las Vegas hospital, he was 89. Incredible, what a talented family am I right?