What's Trending - June 7

June 8, 2018

We were talking about this a little bit in the 6 0’ clock hours but I hop is considering changing their name. We're going to know more next week. We're going to know what the official name will be on Monday! We're talking about this on Facebook by the way, MIX 105.1 in case you missed the conversation. Netflix has renewed 13 Reasons Why, Hannah Baker isn't coming back but the series has been renewed for a third season. 13 episodes set to premier in 2019. Also coming back next year is American Idol on ABC and if you'd like to travel to audition to be on the show (as long as you're 15 and older) you'll have to go to cities like Chattanooga, Boise, Idaho, Shreveport, Louisiana or even Little Rock, Arkansas. All the cities are basically nowhere near Wisconsin or Chicago. So do some traveling, It could be worth it and you could make all of us proud! Devil's Lake is considering a rec center that would be open year round. They're going to use it for multiple purposes actually; they're going to use it for an educational, interpretive and outdoor rec center. But basically you'll be able to hang out at devil's lake if you're a fan all year round, which I think is pretty cool!