What's Trending - June 8

June 8, 2018

Walmart is hooking you up with some cheap wine. If you saw this story, maybe you haven’t but Walmart is entering the wine market. And according to their senior wine buyer, this person says that the wine that Walmart will get will source from California, France and Italy and will drink like $30-$40 bottles of wine. I like Target wine; do you know who has really good wine? And I know there are lots of people who have predispositions to shopping there but personally I think they have the best products, best restrictions and good quality food. It’s Aldi! Aldi Broken Clouds wine is one of my favorites; you’d never guess that right? Try a bottle of it this weekend and report back to me and let me know what you think. Let’s talk about what happening in the Lakes here. Massive blue-green algae blooms have forced closures of some of Madison’s beaches. This includes the beaches and piers and Memorial Union, Marshal Park, Lake Mendota, Lake Mendota County Parks, Spring Harbor on Lake Mendota and the beach on Olin Park are all closed.  Because of this algae which once it gets into your system can release harmful toxins and can even upset your stomach and leave a rash or cause repertory problems.  So just keep that in mind as we head into the weekend, you don’t want to have to deal with that stuff. Stay out of the water and keep your pets out of the water at least through the rest of the weekend. MIX 105.1, if you go to our Facebook page, I have to say something. I’m about to upload an article and this really creeps me out, this woman found a spider that is 6 inches long. And I wanted to know what was scarier, finding a spider or a dead mouse. We’re talking about this on Facebook, MIX 105.1.