What's Trending - May 18

May 18, 2018

Lots to get to today! Maybe you stayed up too late last night?! Were you at the midnight showing of Deadpool 2? Can’t wait to see it!

Let’s start with a professional soccer team here in Madison. A guy by the name of Peter WILTS has quite the soccer knowledge and has been tasked to bring in a professional soccer team to Breese Stevens Field in 2019. Talk about a big deal for Madison!

Fireman’s Park in Verona will double in size! Looks like Dane County is helping fund a project to acquire 13.1 acres. So this will be pretty cool! It’s already pretty packed for events like Hometown Days so look forward to that.

If you’re still worried about eating Romaine lettuce, the CDC has pretty much given the green light as they’ve controlled the outbreak. The growing season has ended in Arizona. So Romaine Lettuce = safe to eat.

However, swimming in a public place might not be. Nasty germs might be lurking. Apparently 1/3 of the outbreaks over a 14 year period occurred in hotel swimming pools. We’re talking water born disease outbreaks. This is crazy! They looked at data and found that 493 outbreaks were reported and found 27,219 illnesses and 8 deaths from a parasite tough enough to survive even properly maintained pools.  If that hasn’t already grossed you out, it already has me. But it’s not gunna keep me away from a good hot tub.

Have a good weekend! Talk to you on Monday.