What's Trending May 23

May 23, 2018

The White House is sinking. There is a sinkhole on the north lawn of the White House and it's growing, apparently every day. So hopefully the White House doesn't fall into it. There’s a lot of jokes that could go along with this, I'm not going to say that for being neutral on the radio. I don't want to get into the political arguments.

The Milwaukee Country Zoo just welcomed a little baby giraffe, she's super cute. A new female giraffe was born last week so if you're looking to go to the zoo in Milwaukee theirs another addition to go check out. Of course check out our zoo, the Henry Vilas zoo because it's free and we've got that award winning exhibit that we were talking about last week so check that out as well.

Brett Favre admitted that he took at one point fourteen Vicodin at one time during his MVP season in 1995 and he was getting maybe 30 minutes of quality sleep a night. None the less Brett Favre went to rehab in 1998. He's had several stints in rehab, the most recent one just for alcohol. So Brett Favre is opening up to everybody today.

This is interesting. Lady’s what do you think? Or guys? Guys/Girls whatever. What do you think the most attractive feature on a guy is? According to this study published in the Royal Society Open Science, women are most inclined to look at potential mates proportions due to evolutionary pressures having a strong influence on female romantic perception. A research basically found out there is one part of the body that drove women crazy and potentially guys as well. And that was, you guessed it. Legs! If you think a guy's legs are sexy, awesome! Not the first thing I thought of. I thought maybe arms, maybe chest not face. I do think we look at other parts of the body. Legs! There you go.