What's Trending May 29

May 30, 2018

Now I mentioned that the money that you might win may go towards the purchase of your next gallon of milk. Because Wisconsin dairy farmers have broken their streaks of year over year production increases. So according to the USDA, they say that Wisconsin farmers produced about 2.5 billion pounds of milk last month. This is down about half a percent from last year. Now the report also says there were about 5,000 fewer cows in the state compared to last year. Of course we're in Wisconsin and we're talking about cows this morning. Apparently, due to all the conditions over the spring and the cold and all that. Experts believe milk prices are going to go through the roof. They may reach $17 per 100 pounds. So expect prices to go up basically. Hugh Grant had his first picture as being a married man over the weekend. 57 year tied the knot with his wife Anna Eberstien. His first ever marriage. He looks very happy, the pictures at least. Speaking of marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel changed their honey moon plans. We thought they were maybe going to go to Africa. We weren't necessarily sure where they were going to go. Meghan’s love of the country and I guess their history because everybody in their family basically vacationed at this lodge in Alberta Canada. The Royal family’s in the past have spent some time out their going back 80 years so the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent some time at the Fairmount Jasper park lodge in Alberta Canada were they will be having their royal retreat.