What's Trending May 30

May 30, 2018

Snoop Dog setting a world record for the biggest Gin and Juice. This is so good. The Cocktail measured in at more than 132 gallons, again a Guinness Book World Record.  And there was over 180 bottles of Hendrix gin inside this cocktail. So congratulations to Snoop. Roseanne canceled as you heard yesterday after she put out some racist tweets, completely inappropriate. She took those tweets down, she actually deactivated her account.  So yeah Roseanne is no more. Maybe another network will pick it up but that’s where we’re at so far. Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri is resigning amid affair allegations that have disrupted his tenor as Missouri Governor. That happened yesterday as well, His last day in office will be June 1st. Let’s go back to those records shall we? Brat Fest this year didn’t quite break the record for most brats sold. The final count was at 134,528. Going back to 2010, that was the record, the four day festival sold 209,000 brats. Hopefully you had a good time at Brat Fest over the weekend. Uber has announced that it will be adding a direct way for riders to call 911. So if you’re in an emergency, it’s in a new section called the safety center and this safety center menu will allow you to contact first responders in the event something goes wrong during your trip. And we’re kind of talking about this on Facebook this morning. I want to know about your best or worst Uber, Lift or taxi experience and what was that all about. We’re talking about that on Facebook this morning. And last but not least a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research said that people younger than 65 who got less sleep during the week but slept in on the weekends had the same mortality rate as those who got 7 hours of sleep a night. So those of you like me who truly enjoy sleeping in, just keep doing it! You do you! The early bird doesn’t get the worm.