What's Trending - November 6

November 7, 2018

Today is Election Day, get out to the polls and vote! Over 37,000 people voted early in the city of Madison which is four times more than 2014, very interesting stuff. Including about 625 people who voted in the absentee ballots on Sunday alone. Which is pretty impressive stuff, if you can't find your polling place we've got that information on our website and you can always go to myvote.wi.gov and you can learn all about today’s election. The Bucks are bringing up some new jerseys and they play Portland. Tonight the Bucks and their brand new jersey's from the Mecca where they used to play. They're wearing the old school jerseys and they look pretty cool. I'm going to put a link on our Facebook page and you can tell me what you think. Just search MIX 105.1. Bucks, one of the best records in the NBA taking on the Trail Blazers tonight in Portland at 9pm. It appears as if Mac Miller has overdosed from mixed drug toxicity according the LA County Department of Medical Examiner. The drugs in his system included fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol he passed away of coarse in September at the age of 26. Bucky on Parade raised $1m for charity which is pretty impressive. They should do this every year or at least every couple of years. The money by the way is going to go to Guarding Against Cancer, pretty impressive stuff. Again, get out and vote today! I'm going to be talking about it all morning.