What's Trending - November 7

November 7, 2018

   Again I just want to reiterate this, I could talk all day about politics I could talk all day long about the election unfortunately I don't have the capability to do that with the limited amount of time I get to talk to you every morning. So I will send you to our news partner for the official election results at NBC 15 and check their website to especially for the local alerts and the local results here in Wisconsin. I want to get to some other things you may have missed yesterday including what went on with the Packers they made some subtle changes. They placed their wide receiver Geronimo Allison on the injured reserve and released safety Jermaine Whitehead who you might remember was ejected from the game on Sunday night right away. Packers have zero tolerance, perhaps being implemented in the locker room. In addition to that former general manager Ted Thompson will be inducted into the Packers hall of fame this coming May. There is a recall alert for the company that makes Duncan Hines Deserts. They've recalled four types of their cake mixes. Yes, apparently salmonella is an issue in cake mix. This is on our Facebook page just search MIX 105.1 I have all the information readily available for you this morning. If you happen to watch the Voice on NBC well Chris will be moving on. The barren native back in show he's moving on in case you missed the Voice.