What's Trending - October 1

October 1, 2018

Trending this morning, a big sports weekend. The Brewers getting it done over Detroit I mean they scored like 11 runs yesterday. Pretty incredible stuff. The Brewers tied the cubs for the division lead it's pretty incredible how this kind of all played out. So the Brewers are going to be on at noon today in Chicago on ESPN. Now I know a lot of people at the office are probably excited and I know myself this will make a Monday a whole lot better knowing that the Brewers could advance even further into the post season so big game today. The Packers with a big game yesterday, they beat the Bills 22 to nothing I can't even believe that was a thing. I actually didn't watch much of the Packer game because I was too focused on the Brewers I'm not going to lie. The state of Wisconsin getting $11.3 million in federal funding to improve public transportation. Wisconsin Public Radio reports the funds will go towards four projects intended to replace four buses and improve service for riders across the state especially in rural areas.