What's Trending - October 10

October 12, 2018

We're talking about a very scary and good ending to a story here in Madison but a cat that was rescued from a dashboard of a car from a family that heard meowing coming from the hood. When they opened the hood this cat like showed up. It's a pretty good feel good story that I'm going to get on our Facebook page. Search MIX 105.1 if you want to read more about that. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees yesterday for the 2019 class. It's a little bit of new a little bit of old. It includes Death Leopard, Divo (The band from the 80's), Stevie Nicks, Todd Rundgren and several more. People are talking about the artists that were stubbed from this list but they have that every year there is never going to be a perfect solution for who makes the hall of fame and who doesn't make the hall of fame list year after year. Edgewood College is going to be offering a new grant next year the first of its kind that will encourage students to go to Edgewood College. They're going to be capping the tuition payment at $11,400 in hopes that it will be competitive especially with those pricy state schools. So Edgewood College, if you have a student in your house that is going to school in the coming year it's something to think about this morning. What else was I going to talk about this morning I'm losing my track here? Let's talk about Target, they have launched a new in house personal brand it's called Smartly it's going to be personal care so the body for example. Generic brands we're talking about that on our Facebook page and this beer that tastes like candy corn. Would you try it? It's not a far drive from Madison to try it out. MIX 105.1.