What's Trending - October 11

October 12, 2018

Japan now has the world's most powerful passport. According to a report published this week that reveals how many borders travel documents can cross. Japan has the most powerful passport on the planet; you can enter 190 destinations around the world knocking off Singapore in second place. Germany, France and South Korea tied for number 3. Snap Chat has launched a series of original shows yesterday trying to do some original content. 12 unique shows, video series that will be scripted and feature reality content as well. So look for that as well Snap Chat trying to reinvent them self’s after all these changes and obviously Instagram coming into the picture as well. Marquette University Law poll has released yesterday showing that 47% of voters will choose Scott Walker over 46% for Tony Evers. Now 5% of those voters choosing Phil Anderson with1% having no preference. This poll obviously ebbs and flows the most important thing to know is that you go out and register to vote because we're only like 3 or so weeks away maybe a month away from voting. So make sure you have done that if you have not. And last but not least senator Tammy Baldwin up 53% to leah Vukmir at 42%. And let's just get to this mural in Milwaukee I don't know if you saw it but a mural in the Latino’s walker point neighborhood shows Christian Yelich as the MVP and I want to get a photo in front of it, it looks absolutely awesome! Tomorrow night Miller Park the Brewers and the National League Championship series I put the link to this story on Facebook search MIX 105.1.