What's Trending - October 12

October 12, 2018

Let's get to what's trending on this Friday show. It feels good to say Friday! Hopefully you're headed out to a haunted house or you're doing something fun this weekend. Can you believe Kanye West meet with President Trump yesterday? I can't imagine exactly what it is that they discussed that was earth shattering so to speak. But a pretty historic meeting between those two yesterday. Also trending yesterday, Selena Gomez she's receiving treatment for an undisclosed medical condition. Some saying it's regarding mental health we all know how much there is a stigma we're trying to break free of regarding mental health. So we're thinking about her as we go into the weekend. A jury has awarded a trans gender University of Wisconsin Madison employee and student $780,500 in damages after a federal judge ruled a state ban on insurance coverage for gender changing surgeries amounts to sexual discrimination. The state plans to end the ban on trans gender health coverage on January 1st after the group insurance board voted 5-4 in August to allow coverage. Also trending this morning in Janesville, a new pet food plant breaking ground yesterday about 100 jobs will be headed to the area if you're looking for a new opportunity. And also trending this morning, we have to talk about these big sporting events that are happening in our state tonight. Game one of the National League Championship Series between the Brewers and the Dodgers. Huge, if you're headed to Miller Park cheer loud so exciting this is such a historic moment for our state and I'm just glad to be here and it's cool to be a part of this stuff. It's similar but maybe not quite as exciting as when the Badgers went to the NCAA championship game and we were running out on to State Street. So cheering on the Brewers and of course the Badger football team tomorrow night. It's MIX 105.1.