What's Trending - October 15

October 15, 2018

A lot going on sports wise in the sports world it’s all about the Brewers and the Packers tonight which will you be watching? Well the Brewers start earlier about 6:30 from Los Angeles game 3 of the National League Championship Series. It's making me a little nervous but you know what they had to fall once right? They had to lose one game It didn't seem possible that they kept winning and winning and winning. Packers by the way playing at Lambo field tonight Monday night football on ESPN that is against the 49'ers. Let's talk about these most searched for Halloween costumes of 2018. What do you think top 5 are? Okay you got witch right if you were thinking dinosaur you got that right. Unicorn in at number 3 and Spiderman in at number 2. Fortnite, yes Fortnite in at number 1 the game sweeping the nation. What will you be dressed up as this year? That's something we've been talking about on our Facebook page. Search MIX 105.1 and chime in on the conversation this morning.