What's Trending - October 17

October 18, 2018

Let's talk a little politics which I don't like to talk about but I just want to inform you as to what’s going on. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator is going to be in Wisconsin to headline a pair of rallies featuring candidates for top offices in the state. He's to hold rallies this coming Monday in Milwaukee and again In Kenosha if you're looking forward to that. Melania Trump says that she's going to be focusing on opioids and new borns in a hospital tour she had in Philadelphia. She's going to be traveling to Philadelphia and Wednesday she's going to be at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital today. The hospital has provided care to mothers with opioid use disorder and their new born children for more than 45 years. So she's going to be there today she's going to be touring neonatal intensive care nursery and also speaking at a US Health Department Conference on a new system that tracks infant suffering from opioid withdraw. That is trending this morning, the Brewers are doing their thing in Los Angeles the this afternoon is at 4:05. I'm nervous, I'm Sweating I was up all night last night watching the Brewers and their quest to go to the World Series, let’s go crew! If you're feeling lucky then today is the day you might want to grab a lottery ticket because the Power Ball is up to over $350 Million. That and the Mega Millions were combined for about a billion dollars’ worth of prize money. That's a lot of cash!