What's Trending - October 23

October 23, 2018

Alright so if you're worried about your credit score we talked about this last hour but apparently if you have weak credit it's about to get tweaked because the company that is behind the FICO score is going to be testing a new type of credit score next year with Experian. Basically it's going to help out those of you who have a weak credit score. You might be able to get better offers and better loan opportunities so look forward to that. Trending this morning, apparently it's a lot better for you to eat avocados than we thought because fewer than 1% of them tested positive for pesticides. Best of all only 1 pesticide of any kind was found on all the avocados tested in this study published yesterday. JAMA Internal Medicine specifically found that those who eat organic foods were more likely to ward off non Hodgkin lymphoma and post-menopausal breast cancer compared to those who never eat organic foods at all, there you go. And finally I am shocked by this but Netflix is cancelling some pretty big shows. Now one of those is Orange is the New Black. I have not watched this and I know I'm behind on the 8-ball on this but if you are a Netflix subscriber and you need to get caught up now’s the time to do that. And of course we always post what's coming and going on Netflix. MIX 105.1FM.com.