What's Trending - October 30

November 1, 2018

I want to talk about a little bit of a disaster flood relief a center opened yesterday in Dane County. Actually it opened up in Milwaukee on the 2040 block of Parameter Street. It's going to be open from 9-6 Monday through Friday and it will provide disaster assistance programs and answer your questions in case you need information on repairs and rebuilding if your home was affected by any of these floods. We talked about this yesterday but the Deforest school for 7th and 8th graders classes closed again today. Apparently middle schoolers won't be returning to classes possibly longer due to get this mold out. Obviously it could be a health risk but they are taking extra precautions we'll keep you posted in case this does in fact extend beyond today. Alright, the most followed on Instagram is no longer Selena Gomez. It's now soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo officially beating out Selena Gomez and I'm sure she doesn't care because she's got better things to worry about at the moment. Mad Rolling Dolls, have you been to a match before? A lot of these players do this just for fun. But apparently they are looking to raise some money for a new venue. They are looking to raise about $500,000 so if you want to help them out that's a good place to maybe put a little extra cash. That's right; make it happen its fun it's a great event to check out by the way. If you're looking to help them raise a little extra money just go to Madrollingdolls.com. They have all the information on their league page. Pretty special thing to have here in Madison.