What's Trending - September 11

September 13, 2018

Who's running for president? We'll talk about that in just a minute. I want to start off with today, the 17th anniversary of September 11th 2001. Just that day alone, one of the most tragic days in our country. 3,000 people passing away as a direct result of the attacks. Today it’s important to think of the 16,000 responders to the World Trade Center who were there that day who performed rescue, recovery, debris clean up all of that stuff. And there are people who helped out that day who are still suffering health issues because of that event. So maybe you're listening right now and you don't remember because maybe you weren't alive or weren't old enough, a very important day today to keep in the back of your head as you go throughout the day. And our thoughts obviously with everybody who was involved in that event. As we go through the rest of the morning today a couple of other things that are trending today, Oscar De La Hoya. He decided that you know what he's going to give a shot at this whole president thing, that's according to TMZ yesterday. That's Oscar De La Hoya, you may remember him as a very polished boxer perhaps. He said "I've literally over the years ever since I became a professional boxer had millions of people tell me why don't represent, stand up and have a bigger voice." It's happened, Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger it's not totally of out of the water. Sanura, the 15 year old African lion at the Milwaukee Country Zoo trending today as she was put to rest due to some chronic health issues, 15 years old beautiful animal. If you haven't been to the country zoo in Milwaukee or if you have in the last couple of years you probably saw her. University of Wisconsin Madison trending this morning. The university ranked 15th best public university but that's a slight decline from last year where they were tied for 12th. The state of Wisconsin voted the 11th happiest state, that's according to Wallet hub. Number one? One of the few states I haven't been to maybe you've been there before it's no shock that this state is number one. And that list by the way is on our Facebook page just search MIX 105.1.