What's Trending - September 12

September 13, 2018

Theirs’s a lot I want to get to today and I just want to run down these things really quick. Today is the final day to check out those Bucky on parade statues that are all over the city. Before they go buh bye you have to see all 80 of them and I know a lot of you have been sending me pictures. I think a couple of weeks ago I posted a comment on the MIX Facebook page as to what was your favorite one and I'm pretty impressed with how many you've seen, truthfully. I've seen like 10, you're really showing me up this morning. Dane Country Regional Airport making a big announcement yesterday, they are adding a nonstop flight to Phoenix. Which is one of the top 10 destinations that the airport looked at in 2017. So if you're planning on heading anywhere southwest this is really good news. American Airlines is going to be operating that flight out of Madison starting in January. I want to get to this big lunch change that is trending this morning, but Subway... they're ending the $5 foot long. I'm kind of disappointed because it's such a good deal and I'm the kind of guy that always fills out the survey and gets the free chips or whatever the case may be. Hey, more bang for your buck right? Don't judge me too hard. $5 foot long going away it's up to individual franchisee owners as to whether or not they want to continue on at least that's what we're reporting so far. A recent poll trending this morning found that a 10% increase in the number of Nike customers versus the general public who says the company should take a stand on social issues. So sales are up after the Colin Kaepernick campaign by 31%, big news this morning. Last but not least speaking of football we're not sure if Aaron Rodgers is going to play against the Vikings on Sunday. Fingers crossed that he does but there is no guarantee. It's MIX 105.1 hope you're having a great morning.