What's Trending - September 13

September 13, 2018

I'm going to start off with some entertainment news, Dancing with the Stars, the cast has been reveled and a lot of people you'll probably recognize. I'm sure you're going to recognize a few of these people including Tinashe. Y'all remember her? We play her on the retro replay from time to time. She's going to be teamed up with Brandon Armstrong. An Olympian and some other athletes like Demarcus Ware, Mary Lou Retton is going to be on the show as well. If you want to read more on this check MIX 105.1 on our Facebook page. I think I'm just a little bit disappointed that Adam Rippon in not on this list because it's not even the gay thing it's more or less the fact that he was an Olympian and he was so good that he brought in a lot of people to watch the show. I know people who never watched Dancing With the Stars who turned it on thanks to him and Tonya Harding and that athletes episode. Foxconn is going to be launching a military veteran recruitment campaign. They're going to be hiring 3,000 veterans, currently 370,000 veterans in Wisconsin and employing veterans is all a part of the recruitment plan since they invested in our state. This is making a comeback and I forgot to mention it last hour but Tamagotchi’s are making a comeback. When I talked about this a couple of months ago, we've discussed this before, but I thought it was going to be exclusively for your iPhone or your android. No, they're going to sell the actual little handheld devices for about $20 you can get them and pre order them as soon as the end of the month. Looking forward to that, right? Just don't let it die, make sure to feed it daily don't mess around with that. The new iPhones have been released that is also on our Facebook page search MIX 105.1 for more.