What's Trending - September 14

September 17, 2018

If you're looking to make a little extra money there are so many retailers that are hiring and they need your help. Kohl's Department stores based right here out of Wisconsin looking to hire over 650 seasonal positions. Target, Macy's I mean there are a lot of local retailers out their too I'm not forgetting about you. You small business owners who are maybe looking for a little extra help as well. And some big incentives in some cases, Target and Macy's offering some more incentives including gift cards to get you to get employed and get you a little extra money. Apparently Target is going to be offering 1 hourly worker at each store and distribution center to receive a $500 gift card and a donation to their local community organization which I really appreciate as well. The Brewers, they're back in action tonight. Miller Park is the place to be if you want to see them. Also the Packers taking on the Vikings, still not sure what Aaron Rodgers is going to do he wasn't practicing yesterday. Hopefully the rehab with his arm he's all good to go and that sprained knee is also well. The Packers/Vikings by the way is at Lambo Field at noon on Sunday. And then the Badgers BYU under the lights at Camp Randal. If you're headed out to Regent St. I'm looking forward on seeing you there. Amazon is trending this morning because they're going to offering live Christmas trees delivered to your house. I have a little small one, I downsized but none the less they're getting into the market. Trending this morning the Madison gubernatorial debate has been moved back 2 weeks because of a campaign related scheduling conflict with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. They said that the debate witch was scheduled for the 5th or October now scheduled for the 19th at 8pm. Hurricane Florence making landfall on the east coast, what you need to know this morning, just seeing some incredible images and videos. Anheuser Busch stepping up and sending over 300,000 cans of emergency canned water. Our thoughts are with everybody on the east coast this morning. Thanks for waking up with us here on the MIX.